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What is Cannabis Association? 

The idea of establishing A Cannabis Association had been conceived by The same Encode (European Coalition For Just And Effective Drug Policy), you will soon We’re going to Explain How These consumer networks work Internal Which you can find And How to access A good Cannabis Social Club In Catalonia Once you understand how it works The Membership. 

The Cannabis Social Club, are cannabis consumer associations that Work With the safe cultivation and consumption of cannabis for personal useEs important to understand that partner clubsCannabis are only growing for their members and that you can not just get cannabis from a cannabis club If you are not a member of this. You could say that these social clubs are really closed private circles in the way they run. 

The semi-private form of cultivating and distributing cannabis withinL Cannabis Social Club It’s safer and much more transparent than if you had to get cannabis on the black market. 

A Cannabis Association Doesn’t have for profit and if there is any financial benefit at some point this is used to promote the goals ofL Cannabis Social Club Only. Along with the main goal that is to cultivate and distribute safely, clubs often also seek to generate employment opportunities or produce related goods and services, these activities are legal in Spain and Catalonia. 

Health orientation  

For the Association Cannabis, the health of its members and that of the general public always play an important role. The cultivation of cannabis Organic Should always be the priority for the President of This And always with the most Minimum Use of pesticides and potentially harmful chemicals.  

In a way Similar Each Cannabis Social Club It aims to educate about the problematic use of cannabis. Safe and responsible consumption is one of cannabis social clubs ‘ top priorities. 

Types of Marijuana 

There three different categories Offered as each Association Cannabis; sativa, Indica and hybrid.  

To choose which “Trip” or effect Want After smoking a marijuana cigarette You have to Consider The amount of THC or CBD in plant genetics, as What Many times only the words Indica, sativa or hybrid are misinterpreted Due to the marketing of the definitions in many Cannabis Social Club Currently. 

A plant with more THC has effects of euphoria, Famine and is used to Treatments of depression, Insomnia Pain and nausea. On the other side the plants with more CBD You have EfeCTOs More Relaxing and of relief of Pain But also with efficient Anxiety, Inflammation But they are not recommended for insomnia treatment Since its effects Act Directly In the ACtivación of neurons in the hypothalamus and DRD. Both regions are apparently Involved in of the alert state According to recent studies.  

The words “Indica” and “Sativa” were introduced in the eighteenth century to describe different species of cannabis: Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. But be careful as the current names are BáSicaally the opposite of its definitions Botanical Original, as the Sativas Current Were the old Indicate. 

In biology, a hybrid is the result of combining the qualities of two organisms of different races, varieties, species or genera through sexual reproduction. So we understand that a hybrid plant is a Mixture of Sativa y Indicates, Depending on the hybrid model We’re going to Find the predominance In the Present Sativa or Indica genetics. 

Based In its trade name we can describe the origin of each species Down 

1. Plant origin Indicates

It is believed that the origin comes from the Hindu region “Kush”Near Afghanistan. Anyone who knows anything about marijuana knows that Kush It’s a very strong herb. In this area of Afghanistan, the strain developed thick layers of resin as a means of protecting itself due to harsh weather. Indica features include flowering time, yields, the geography of where the seeds come from and various flavors. Some of the epic names given to the best flavors. 

2. Sativa Plant origin 

The Beings Humans have cultivated since Thousands of years ago This plant for its many uses: as a source of textile fiber, to extract the oil from its seeds, as a medicinal plant — there are written records on this use dating back to 2737 BC and as a psychotropic and mystical tool/Spiritual.  

3. Origin of the hybrid plant 

At the beginning of the programs of Mixtures Cannabis RoomHad Mainly 4 varieties that have become the basis of many of the hybrids that we find today In Day In many Cannabis Social Club –  The Haze The Blueberry The Northern Lights and the Skunk that they are Stable and dominant varieties as one of the original seed banks of Holland, sand continues Lines Genetics of each of them.  

How can I become a member From a Association Cannabis ?  

Requirements to become a member of a Cannabis Social Club Sometimes they can vary, but we can give you a typical example of what you need for clubs in Barcelona, Spain. 

Sometimes, you may not simply register and apply for a club membership as another member will have to Invite Being part of the closed group of members. While this is usually the best way to do it to become a member, not everything is lost if you don’t have a friend in a club in your area. 

Some cannabis clubs may have websites with information about your specific requirements if you want to join, with many of them providing an online application. It may be a good idea if you take a look Into the Cannabis Association In your area on the Internet first. Many clubs today have Facebook pages and Instagram Where you can request an invitation when you send them a message. 

Most of the Cannabis Social Club Have A strict “non-guest” policy that means that if you plan to go there you should not bring anyone with you, unless the one is already a member or will become one. 

The Rate of each Cannabis Association TaAlso may vary depending on the quality of the Club. Average rates in Catalunya are between € 20-50 € per year. 

Know that you should absolutely and always bring an ID with you when Visit any Cannabis Social Club. 

We have a tool that can help you find clubs open to members who are certified as active marijuana consumers and Currently in Catalunya below: 

Join the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona