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If you ever walked in Barcelona recently, I am sure that you noticed the growth of cannabis cultivation stores along with the numbers of associations spread around the city.

In order to find the best coffee shops in Barcelona you need to dig a little bit and frankly speaking most of the coffee shops in barcelona spain can offer you some nice strains predominant in THC or CBD depending of your taste.

There are many articles in the web referring to what people know as coffee shop Barcelona or what are the best coffee Barcelona can offer but as mentioned before this also depends whether if the club is next to your place and also if they have part of their products showed in social media, this way you can identify what are the different class that they work.

Best Coffee Shops in Barcelona

Of course, some places will always deliver you fresh and nice products, but each time a new coffee shop raises in Barcelona you need to understand that there is a push for each one of the Barcelona coffee shops to make their product better otherwise they will lose their members to other associations.

So pretty much each of every called coffee shop Barcelona will suffer a huge pressure whenever a new place is born, but also keep in mind that we can also help you with this task as after some good research we have found some of the best coffee shops in Barcelona taking account the best locations and also the best strains available for you according to your taste of products !

If you click on “Join Now” we will be able to offer you this selected range of coffee shops in barcelona spain and now thanks to our expansion we will also manage to find you the best coffee barcelona and spain can offer you as a whole.

More Information

Some other other coffee shop Barcelona can offer you  are only private institution for residents and tourists are not allowed, this varies as the law plays a game with those institutions and simply some prefer to do not take the risk while others are well conducted and opened for the visitors that have their documents in day and also give their consent to be active smokers, this is a very important detail as there is a penalization for introducing people to this closed circle when they are not already smokers. 

Keep in mind that many coffee shop Barcelona offers to you are also part of the Catalan code for good practice that you can find clicking here and most of these places will follow the non-guest code and you will need to prove to be a resident of Catalunya in order to become a member and have access to their products. 

We have filtered those and will recommend you some places you can visit if you are a Spanish resident spending vacations in Catalunya, which is very helpful for those who are not planning to live in Barcelona. 

 With this you can be sure that you will find the most relevant Barcelona coffee shops, or a really nice coffee shop Barcelona can offer to you according to your location and taste of strains.  

Membership Price

There is also something you need to take into consideration if you want to become member of one coffee shop in Barcelona and it is the membership fee, some places will ask you up to 50€ in the reception if you are a recommended guest, while others will just ask for an amount of 20€ which is the most common rate of every new recommended visitor.  

Also, every time you visit any of the coffee shop Barcelona offers to you, there is a must to bring your ID or passport as it is illegal to be inside such places without a valid document and both you and the association can get into trouble if this criteria is not met.  

Click on “Become Member Now” and do not forget your passport on every visit and also the registration fee that we filter for 20€ being the lowest for every new member.  

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