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What is a Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona? and how to Join? 

There is a very opened way to interpret how the law works for each cannabis social club Barcelona offers for its citizens.  

In this article we will try to explain the best way possible how the law conducts the best behavior from the city population and its cannabis club Barcelona based, also what are the thing you must not do so you don’t get a fine or even arrested due to the wrong behavior(buying from illegal dealers in the street) and also how to join one. 

Mostly each weed shop Barcelona can offer to you have to follow a strict line in order to sell or offer its own products for each member and they also have a opening to promote activities and merchandise products when there is not enough capability to maintain a good stock, everything has to be declared and a good control of each member has to be kept for any surprise check that agents from the government may do during a certain period determined by the local “ayuntamiento”  or town hall.

Weed Club Barcelona Rules

To Weed Club…

So, beginning with the behavior of each cannabis club Barcelona offers to the people either visiting for a medium- or long-term period we might consider that the clubs are legally obliged to: 

  • Only allow people that are active smokers to join their association. 
  • Never expose their products with the purpose of advocacy or inducting people to become active smokers. 
  • Control only 18- or 21-years old members and register their document in the first visit, also having them sign a term of internal only use and sharing of marijuana.  
  • The Cannabis social club in Barcelona will have to instruct every member that it is not allowed to leave the club with any of the products obtained inside (even knowing it is very difficult for each association to have a strict control on that) 
  • The use of Cannabis must be purely recreational or a medical prescript from a recognized doctor showing his/her ID. 

This is part of the conditions applied by law to each Cannabis social club Barcelona offers for people. 

You can read the whole article by clicking here.   
This document from one side will give most clubs the best behavior possible agreed by the Catalunya gather of associations. 

To you…

Also, you must keep in mind that from the other side, a member of the internal circle of each weed club Barcelona based must meet the requirements that the town hall implies for each cannabis active smokers that you can see below: 

  • Only consume Marijuana inside the club or in your apartment, never consume this substance in a hotel or in the streets as it is strictly prohibited and may give you important fines and make you lose your membership of all clubs. 
  • Never expose the products in a public area and most important where there are young or children around. 
  • Attend the normative of each association. 
  • Provide all documents required for every association. 
  • Maintain a good conduct in general within the association, not being harmful or offensive to other people. 
  • On any conditions buy any substance for third parties or friends, all you buy is personal and cannot be shared with nonmembers or outside each association. 

Keep in mind that any step outside the above mentioned and also to be more specific and read the whole conditions (click here) may lead to important fines and that you lose the right to become member of any cannabis club in barcelona. 

How to Join a weed club Barcelona based?

We strongly recommend that when searching for a weed shop Barcelona based you search for the club´s webpage in google to see their conditions and opening hours, also we can offer you some selected clubs in nice places around town by just clicking in “become member” 

Some others may tell that each club cannabis Barcelona based will not accept people that are not residents, but this is wrong if you meet all the conditions applied for that place and we can also help you with that when you submit your form to us. 

All the cannabis club Barcelona based will follow their rules and conditions based in the law and agreement from their communities.  

Nevertheless, a cannabis club Barcelona based will never give you their internal pricing or product list as this is not allowed to be part of their marketing by law. 

So do not expect to know the club Barcelona weed prices before you visit the place as they will normally not give you this information. All cannabis club Barcelona based will show their prices after you become member of their association. 

But in general the club Barcelona weed prices should run around 8€ to 15€ in a common level, but you can also expect strains that are far more expensive even reaching 80€ or more depending if they are imported or concentrated/mixed. 

Now if after read the rules above along with the law statements you decide that you are eligible for a club cannabis barcelona based then click in the below button “Become Member Now” 

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