Many people ask where to buy weed in a legal way when you are visiting Barcelona and the answer to that is very simple, you need to become member of one association for smokers and if you have any questions on how such places work you can see our article that comments about how a club or association works by clicking here

Is weed legal in Spain?

In a few words, no, weed is not legal in Spain and this is a very important detail to consider if you are visiting any city and buying weed from an association, so pretty much you need to make sure that you understand the law before making this trip, below we will list some important details that you need to know about the law in Spain.

  1. Weed is tolerated so that means that you can buy it from a club for recreational which can be considered legal since it is accepted by law.
  2. It is not allowed to smoke in the street or in public places even if you are inside a café or eating at the balcony of a restaurant.
  3. Local citizens can grow plants inside their flat, according to the law it is permitted up to 2 plants per person inside a flat as long as there are no complaints from your neighbors.
  4. You can only smoke inside a cannabis club or inside your flat.

Keeping that in mind you pretty much understand that the law is not very opened, but it gives you permission to access clubs or have a plant in your house for smoking.

So, in a resume it is better to consider that in order to walk trough the law in Spain where weed is not legal you need to become a member of a private club and smoke marijuana only inside that place.

Is weed legal in Barcelona?

The scenario is the same as described above for Spain since Barcelona or Catalunya are regions that follow the same law principles although we know that the tolerance in the entire Catalunya is way softer than compared to the rest of Spain.

There is no law that prohibit tourists from accessing clubs and buying marijuana, but the government is not approving such activity even knowing they make no strict control of this situation in the city.

Most people know where to buy legal weed in Barcelona as it is easy to understand that you only need to become member of a cannabis club in order to have access to many different types of strains and other products with THC or CBD.

Also it is good to understand that the activity of each club is under a non-profitable seal where you only buy what is planted according to your consumption and if you do not state how much you consume there is an estimative that they use in order to supply weed for all the current members of that place in a legal way and this rule is applied in many clubs around  Spain.

So, if you wonder where to buy weed legally in cities like Barcelona or Madrid you need to first become member of a cannabis club and only smoke inside that place or inside the flat of a friend that has no neighbors.

In a resume a private smoking club is a meeting space for the recreation and recreation of a particular group of people based on the consumption of tobacco products who, in addition to pooling the activity of consumption of those products, may share other complementary to the recreation and recreation of their partners.

Make sure that you understand the rules of each club and do not disrespect people inside otherwise you can have your membership removed very quickly. Also these places do not allow that you bring marijuana form outside or consume alcoholic beverages inside.

What actions are illegal?

As you know in order to act well and buy weed legally in Spain or Barcelona you must have someone that invites you to a cannabis club  or you need to have a friend that can smoke in his/her flat without any problems.

The police can consider illegal the following:

  • Smoking in the street.
  • Buying weed for other people.
  • Walking in the streets with more that 2 grams in your pockets.
  • Smoking next to schools, children or ludic areas (here the fine can be expensive)
  • Purchasing weed from sources that are not regulated (people in the streets.)

The law can be very precise on the punishment but quite frankly speaking there are few articles that describe what is really illegal to be considered, in any other case if you stick to the above and respect the citizens space it is very unprobeable that you will suffer any fines or penalties.

Therapeutic use of Marijuana

People can also smoke weed for therapeutic purposes if they have a prescription from their doctors in order to do so.

In Spain, according to the CIS, 84% of citizens are in favor of the legalization of weed for therapeutic purposes. What 47% defend is for the cannabis to be legal in all cases, including entertainment.

Since ancient times, cannabis has been used for its supposed therapeutic properties and in recent years to treat groups of patients affected by specific diseases. There is only medicinal product derived from cannabis authorized in Spain currently.

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